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Start with 10 WP
Free Excellencies, Caste and Favored with a dot (3 for Attribute based), one Charm for everything else.
No Excellency pre-reqs.
15 Background dots
Free to 5 on Backgrounds IF YOU CAN JUSTIFY IT

Solar Costs/training times
25 BP instead of 18 because you’ve been Exalted for several years now. You are slightly more seasoned than normal Char-Gen.
Revlid’s Craft, Tal’s Mass Combat, if I forgot it but said it earlier, its here.

Attributes/Abilities: to 5 without BP

You may use Scroll of the Monk, but find a decent rewrite, please.

House Rules:
No Gem of White Jade Tree, I’d prefer no Gem of Adamant Skin, but will allow it. Abuse it, and I will do something horrific to your character. Tentacles may be involved.

Omi has:
Free Breeding 5
Dynast char-gen (if the others have something better house-ruled, take the better option, Omi)
12 Charms
30 total BP as opposed to the other’s 25

General Rule: If you can justify it, go ahead and ask. Try to break the game on purpose, there will be consequences and my feelings will be hurt.

Basically, I want this to be a fun game, fun taking preference over rules. But your fun doesn’t get to come at other people’s expense.
This song is a how-not-to guide:
Rules of common decency also apply.

Main Page

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